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              Government of Manitoba
              Entrepreneurship Manitoba

              New online filings and services are available!
              Visit the Online Services page for more information.

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              Companies Online

              A new version of the application was implemented on April 30, 2019. If you experience difficulties logging in, please clear your browser history and cache.

              Supported Browser: Internet Explorer 11


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              We register information about corporations and business names. The public may search the registry to obtain information (for example, who is doing business under the trade name, where the business is located, and to get a list of officers and directors).

              When individuals want to incorporate or register their trade name, we review the proposed names to make sure that they aren't confusingly similar to ones already on our record. Then our office will incorporate the company or register the business name.

              Finally, we are also responsible for the appointments and renewals of Commissioner for Oaths and Notary Publics. This includes the authentication of a Notary Public's signature on documents.


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